A Farewell to 2019:

I have a lot of mixed emotions for the year 2019. First with lots of changes geographically and expanding my music career to a vast audience, to losing my oldest son Randall in June. My heart will never heal again. As sad as this all was, I had some great things happen this year! I closed out the year with a total of 268 performances for 2019! HOLY SMOKES! I am very grateful for the opportunities to have played for you folks and a special thank you to the venues and their kind hospitality! 
I released my first ever Country song/video "What The Hell Happened America?" Way Back When. The song is doing extremely well on satellite radio stations and has been chosen for runner up in best song writing award from a non signed artist. Fingers crossed! Find out sometime in 2020 the results. 


Hello 2020:

News: My Hard Rock / METAL project L.A.Y.N.E has announced that 2020 will be the year for a new album release. I am extremely pumped to get this album done, and released to the public and interested waiting parties that endorse me. With the passing of my good friend Oli Herbert guitarist and a move to another state, this too got put on the back burner and now back in focus as a priority!  This may not be such great news if you are following me as a Country/Rock artist but don't worry, once this is off my plate I will continue writing and focus back on finishing my first full length releases. 

I hope to secure a national tour for L.A.Y.N.E once I have released it. I am a small fish in a huge sea and this might take sometime as I an not affiliated on any label for support. 

That is the news for now, stay tuned for updates as I get them! Please FOLLOW me on my social media platforms and share, like and help spread the word about L.A.Y.N.E as we go NATION WIDE! \m/

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