Way Back When "What the hell happend America?"
On The Dark Side: Performed by Shawn Layne
Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd - Performed by: Shawn Layne


"Talent, Talent, Talent!"

-  Bob Harris BBC Radio

"Shawn Layne, L.A.Y.N.E. is not afraid to push the boundaries of what music can be.
Shawn Layne, is very passionate about his music and knows exactly what he wants"

-  HeadBangers LifeStyle

Shawn Layne was born in Springfield, MA and most of his life raised in 
Enfield, CT.

Shawn's love of music surfaced during early childhood, beginning at 11½ years of age and has transcended throughout the years of devotion as both a performer and song writer. He is a talented individual whose playing ability is fueled by the passion of his intricate musical skill set.  
​Shawn's first stage performance was at the young age of 15 ½, and that began his musical career journey as a gifted individual with a natural born talent for his craft.
As a veteran of the stage, along with years of studio experience; working with industry producers such as Jim Fogerty, of "ZING" studios, has brought Shawn to realize his ultimate goal of leading his musical career to a national level. 
​Some of Shawn's achievements, successes and collaborations was the band he created in the winter of 2002…. CO2.
This is where Shawn's writing skills and true passion has shown through!
Songs written from his real life experiences and tribulations with the mind set of sharing those with his fans and giving people something they can "relate" to, has won the hearts and respect of many around the world!  
With the release of their song "MIND", this quickly earned the band instant success with local and National Radio stations across the US. In August 2004, CO2 won the best "Unsygned Band"! CO2 was also honored to take part in "OZZFEST, kicking off at the ROXY in 2004 and asked to take part in a future T.V series "Making the Band". CO2 never was part of that series but, was still honored to be asked to be part of it.

In 2018 Shawn has formed a solo collaboration Hard Rock/Metal project called L.A.Y.N.E featuring members Oli Herbert (All that Remains guitarist) Jason Cornwell (Eric Martin band of Mr. Big bass player) and Kurt Shouse (Drums and percussion). Debuts January 2018 so look out for this! 

In January of 2019 Shawn crossed over from his “Hard Rock/Metal” routes to show case further talent in his latest national Country music release “Way Back When”. Currently, Shawn is writing and recording a full length Country album. Scheduled for release early 2020

Shawn continues to perform doing various shows, showing his talent not only with full band(s) filling in for various artists, but doing acoustic shows as well and  showing his personal and emotional side of his music experience with his fan base.



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